Furnishing the house with mirrors: ideas for renovating and giving light to spaces

  • 28 April 2022

The mirror has always been the inevitable ally for the skincare routine, the choice of the outfit or the last adjustment before going out, but not only. Positioned in strategic points it reflects natural light and helps to illuminate and amplify the environments , adding a touch of brilliance to the spaces . Alone or combined with paintings and other accessories, it is a strategic decorative and embellishing element of any room. On the walls, above beds and consoles or on the floor, these wonderful objects can be placed in many ways and enhance what they have around them . There are many models and shapes available that can be chosen according to the taste and style of the house .
Here are some ideas and suggestions for decorating with mirrors and enhancing your home :

1. Mirror with wavy frame

This mirror finds its characterization in the wave-worked metal frame and designed for those who love to be immersed in a contemporary and dynamic environment . The play of light and shadow on the grooves creates movement and reflections on the surface , catching the eye on this object. Beautiful above an entrance console and bold in a living room with a modern flavor , it will amaze your guests! For this type of mirror , the size of the room is important : if the room is small, it is better to opt for minimal mirrors that give space to the mirror surface. The examples you see below are the Caldeira mirror by Fiam (left - from 1,732.40 euros), the Venus mirror by Fiam (top right - from 1,210 euros) and the Tab.U mirror by Opinion Ciatti (below on the right - 1,454.85 euros).

2. Minimal mirror

This mirror easily adapts to any space and is ideal for those who love essential and clean shapes . Due to their simplicity and sophistication , even large - sized elements can be easily inserted and furnish the walls of the living room , bathroom and bedroom with style . Small environments are not a problem , just be careful not to place your mirror at the end of a narrow corridor because it would increase the perception of narrowness. In this case, it is better to opt for the side walls of the corridor , directing the mirror towards a window to reflect natural light and increase the brightness of the room . Here are the Stone mirror by Tonin Casa (on the left - 167.20 euros), the Minimax mirror by Pintdecor (top right - 185 euros) and the Abisso mirror by Pintdecor (bottom right - 185 euros).

3. Full wall mirror

This mirror, which can be used both single and in pairs , is characterized by a contemporary flavor and large dimensions . It does not have a frame, but the edges are enhanced to give it an original and refined look . This choice allows you to create a real mirror "wall" and create a scenographic effect of great impact . Placed near the dining table , it transforms the room into a place of elegance and modernity . Are you looking for an original idea to furnish the bedroom? Use it above the headboard of the bed to give character to the room and immerse it in a magical brightness . Tonin Casa offers beautiful design objects that will surprise your guests, such as the Toshima mirror (left - 259.20 euros), the Costantia mirror (top right - from 1,117.60 euros) and the Olmi mirror (bottom right - 309.60 euros).

4. Floor mirror

The self-supporting models are certainly a versatile and convenient solution for those who like to change the configuration of the rooms or for organizational needs of the spaces . In the bedroom it sets up a real corner used for arranging the look , while in the corridor it offers a pleasant welcome to guests. There are also beautiful versions to lean against the wall . In this case it is advisable to evaluate models with important frames to obtain a result that greatly enhances the environment . They are perfect in the hall or next to the bed and at the entrance to the stairs; in every place they enhance the wall of which they become the protagonists . The wonderful models in the photo are the Caadre floor mirror by Fiam (on the left - from 2,244.80 euros), the Bellamy mirror by La Forma (on the top right - 117.75 euros) the Morgana mirror by Arti e Mestieri (on bottom right - 515.85 euros).

5. Composite mirror

It is an original mirror in its shape made up of several surfaces that intersect each other in an alternation of mirrored and covered parts. It summarizes the decorative function of a painting with the functional one of reflecting the room and amplifying it . It is perfect for those who want to decorate the wall above the sofa or enhance the entrance console and even above the sink to add a touch of originality to your bathroom . The precious models shown in the image are the Eclissi mirror by Pintdecor (on the left - 407 euros) the Standal mirror by la Forma (on the top right - 114.51 euros) and the Circles mirror by Pintdecor (on the bottom right - 148 EUR).

6. Ray mirror

This mirror with an exotic flavor stands out for its shapes and materials and adds a glamorous touch to the wall. The rich decorations attract attention and make it a protagonist of the environment in which it is placed. In addition to being a functional element, it plays a highly decorative role and can easily be placed next to sofas and beds or on the walls of the corridor . Those looking for a luminous effect can opt for the golden versions . It is also possible to create elegant games of contrast , for example a black mirror in an environment with light colors becomes a focal point and furnishes the room with taste. Below you can see three beautiful models by La Forma , namely the Marelli mirror (on the left in the black version - 46.45 euros), the Plax mirror (on the top right - 177.17 euros) and the Juice mirror (on the bottom right - 111.27 euros).

7. Silhouette mirror

It is the mirror that proposes the shapes of known objects to give a young and original touch to the environment . Suitable for a bedroom or entrance , it cheers up and gives personality to the environment . Sunglasses, human figures and fictional characters decorate the wall and characterize it by expressing the passions of the home owner. The same version is usually made in multiple materials and colors , to satisfy the most diverse tastes! In the image you will find some models proposed by Pintdecor , such as the Occhiali mirror (on the left - 244.20 euros), the Trilli mirror (on the top right - 355.20 euros) and the Adamo ed Eva mirror (on the bottom right - 540.20 euros).

There are many combinations to enrich and enhance your spaces . Thanks to the ease with which they allow you to renovate your rooms with style and originality , mirrors represent an increasingly widespread solution. The advice is to observe the environment and identify the type and location suitable for achieving the desired effect. For those who love to play with shapes and styles it is also possible to create a real wall of different mirrors , it will become the focal point of the room. It takes very little to add a touch of personality and transform your home , green light to ideas!

Are you looking for other inspirations? Below you will find many other items at discounted prices !

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