Outdoor: ideas and suggestions for decorating a small balcony

Nature dresses up in new colors and scents and invites us to let the sun and heat enter our homes and to choose new shades for furniture and fabrics and have a full summer inside the home! In recent years we have discovered the importance of having an open space in which to transfer our activities by taking advantage of the warm rays of the sun. In many cases what you have is a small balcony; don't worry, with a few simple suggestions it is possible to transform these spaces into functional corners where you can spend pleasant moments of rest alone or in company.
As? Here are some ideas to make your balcony special and make the most of it!

1. Coffee table

A small table in the corner makes this place an open-air room where you can transfer your coffee break and plan romantic dinners. The Milo table by Serralunga (on the left - 216.72 euros) is a practical element that can also be used as a support surface and its particular design strikes the eye and furnishes our small environment by itself. It is available in various shades for easy combination. Another solution is the Toní Bistreau table by Fatboy (right - 390.63 euros), which is light and foldable and therefore easy to move . This feature shouldn't be underestimated: if your balcony isn't well sheltered, it becomes useful to be able to quickly move the furnishings inside.

2. Chairs

Even the chairs are a practical element that helps to furnish your balcony in an elegant and original way . There are many types, so it is important to make an appropriate and accurate choice. The secret is to use the same style that characterizes the interior of the house to create visual continuity and make the outdoors a real extension of the home. The Split chair by Colos (92.72 euros) is light and resistant and adapts to many contexts thanks to the possibility of combining the shell and frame with a wide choice of combinations. If you want to recall the Scandinavian style you can opt for a white seat with ash wood legs, for a modern and sophisticated touch the black monocolor gives a refined elegance, if you are looking for a young and colorful effect you can create lively combinations of tones.

3. Ottomans

When you have small seats available, the pouf can be an excellent space-saving solution instead of chairs. La Forma offers jute models absolutely in line with summer trends that seek sustainability and are inspired by the natural world. The warm tones of the materials invite you to sit down and let yourself be enveloped by the softness of the seats . Among the available models of La Forma are the square Dip Pouf (top right - 79.94 euros) and the round Dip Pouf (bottom right - 98.31 euros). An extra idea? Add an outdoor carpet, it helps to define your relaxation space and to furnish your balcony with style.

4. Lights

To light up your evenings and create enchanted atmospheres , lights are an indispensable element. One of the most popular solutions is the one with the cable and bulbs, such as the Fiesta lamp by Ideal Lux (52.82 euros). In addition to creating light effects of indisputable charm, they serve to enhance spaces. The solutions are many. By placing the string of lights on the railing or on the sides , the borders of the balcony are characterized and become an integral part of the set-up. Threads that descend from above create dreamlike and special corners, especially if behind the wall of the relaxation area. Cables running from one side of the balcony to the other serve to create lively festive atmospheres.

5. Bright lanterns

Placing small bright objects near the seats or on the table allows you to add a thousand and one night touch and leave your guests amazed. There are candle models , in which the vibrant light makes the surfaces that are illuminated come alive. The 5271S lantern by Idistudio (top right - 59.20 euros) represents the modern interpretation of shapes with traditional references, made with trendy summer materials such as glass and rope . For those who prefer a contemporary style, the Lantern 9335 by Kartell (bottom right - 198.90 euros) is an original and versatile solution. The lighting is rechargeable LED and the particular finish of the surfaces produces a very particular luminous effect.

6. Vases

Inserting plants and flowers manages to transform even small surfaces into natural oases where you can enjoy relaxing breaks, but not only. Green can become an element to furnish the space with taste, especially if designer vases are used. Serralunga presents vases with simple shapes and classic references , such as the Cup model (top right – 121.22 euros) which recalls ancient wooden bowls, or the Cubotto Deep vase (bottom right – 132.64 euros) for those who love a modern and refined style . For those who want to characterize one side of the balcony , but don't have a large space, there are instead solutions such as the Buba vase by Plust (on the left - 486.45 euros). Its large size becomes the protagonist of the surface and enriches the space.

No matter how small the size of your balcony is, that's no problem. The furnishing solutions are many and allow you to create fascinating environments where you can enjoy the outdoors just outside your front door! Let yourself be inspired by these suggestions and get ready to transform your balcony into an environment full of charm , where you can spend relaxing breaks and lively moments of celebration!

Are you looking for other inspirations? Below you will find many other items at discounted prices !

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