5 summer trends for a stylish home all year round

  • 28 May 2022

Summer has officially begun, holiday plans are well underway and the gardens, terraces and balconies are set up to host outdoor relaxation and evenings with friends! The desire to be outdoors is not lacking, but there are still many pleasant moments to spend inside the home . This is why it is important to pay attention to the interior as well, and add a fresh touch to the decor! You don't need to revolutionize the whole house, every trend can find its summer declination ! Styles are reinvented with new shapes and colors , enriching themselves with original elements and leaving free space for new suggestions that recall the renewed desire for freedom! Let yourself be inspired by these ideas to bring the warm season into your rooms!

1. The Sustainable style

Summer leads to the discovery of nature and with it the awareness of the importance of preserving and taking care of it . Attention to the environment has become an object of increasing interest and interior design is dedicating itself more and more to this aspect. Eco-sustainable materials are proposed such as stone, wood, bamboo, but also aluminum and recycled plastics. Wicker and rattan have also joined the list this season. The perfect setting for this style are natural colors and plants and flowers in all the rooms of the house. The shapes are sinuous and soft to recall the natural elements. If you are looking for the health of the planet and daily well-being, you can opt for these solutions. Colico offers products from natural and precious woods , such as the Slash table (on the left - 2,472.85 euros), the Tivoli chair by Pedrali (on the top right - 642.33 euros) representing an elegant wooden solution with soft and traditional , Fatboy is committed to using recycled and sustainable materials , such as the Edison Lamp which can be found in different sizes (bottom right the Mini version - 130.35 euros).

2. The minimal style

The possibility of being outdoors makes you want to let light and well-being into the day and chase away the burdens and stress of everyday life. This trend also translates into the need to tidy up and create space in the rooms , satisfying a need for essentiality and freshness . The minimalist style follows these intuitions and is synonymous with practicality and functionality , where the decorative parts are reduced as much as possible. The shapes are linear and squared and the colors sober and neutral , such as white, black and all shades that recall earth or sand, from beige to ochre. The secret is to opt for a few elements , but of design and quality , to obtain an elegant and sophisticated effect . Below you will find some beautiful examples such as the Osaka Metal chair by Pedrali (top left - 286.27 euros), the Naviglio bookcase by Tonin Casa (bottom left - 1,647.49 euros), the rectangular table by Opinion Ciatti ( top right - 1,098 euros), the Bogart sofa by La Forma (bottom right - 825.36 euros).

3. Trendy colours

There is more and more talk about armocromia and how colors can affect mood. Coatings, walls and furnishing accessories of the right color make the rooms full of suggestions and atmosphere . The vibrant and bold tones of nature inspire summer trends. The sea and the beach bring blue and ocher yellow into our homes, which match perfectly with the color of 2022 , meaning purple in all shades . Lush flora gives the interior olive green. An extra tip? Create an explosive mix by combining boho chic style with bright and flashy colors, such as reds and yellows . Creative ethnic-influenced prints and patterns can be mixed with lively shades and create a fresh and original environment ! We have chosen some accessories to furnish the home and fill up with colour, such as the 3-seater Pan sofa by Adrenalina (top left - 2,275.20 euros), the Brera chair by Colico (bottom right - 203.02 euros) , the Invisible table by Kartell (top left - 744.30 euros), the Balloon Up lamp by Adriani & Rossi (bottom right - 198.44 euros).

4. Bohemian chic style

Summer brings a touch of renewal to this trend that has become an inspirer of interior design . The distinctly ethnic flavor is confirmed in the choice of materials such as wood and bamboo . The style reinvents itself and shows a more chic and sophisticated version thanks to the introduction of raffia and rattan . Black and white remain the protagonists, but are enlivened by some colored elements in natural tones such as ivory or ocher, up to terracotta. An extra touch? Add exotic details and leave room for fabrics enriched with fringes and pom poms, opting for macramé. Many companies have included models in their collections that refer to this style. This is the case of the Ashanti chair by La Forma (left - 120.99 euros), the Link table lamp by Colombini Casa (top right - 151.50 euros), the Akit armchair by La Forma (bottom right - 346.78 euros).

5. The light and gold trend

In this period there is nothing better than opening the windows wide and letting in the natural light. From here comes the inspiration to make environments shine and build brilliant plays of light with the surfaces of objects. Gold returns to play an important role, for its ability to give brightness and elegance to environments . This regal hue brings out the colors on your walls and adds a touch of glam to your interior. It is not necessary to use it excessively, a single object can enrich the room and attract the attention of guests! The hallway, lounge and dining room vibrate with golden sophistication. The examples below are the Tab.u mirror by Opinion Ciatti (top left - 1,454.85 euros), the Mammamia chair by Opinion Ciatti (bottom left - 878.40 euros), the Cherry lamp by Adriani & Rossi (top right - 342.76 euros), the Ninfa table from Arti e Mestieri (bottom right - 502.55 euros).

You are now ready to enjoy the summer inside and outside the home and renovate the rooms with new inspirations that will accompany you throughout the year! Once the preferred taste and style have been identified, it is possible to enrich the internal rooms and make them dialogue with the external parts for a harmonious whole ready to satisfy all needs! The important note is to create a visual and perceptive continuity of indoor and outdoor, being careful to use the same style. In this way the gardens, terraces and balconies become a real extension of the house and each space is able to welcome guests with originality.

Are you looking for other inspirations? Below you will find many other items at discounted prices !

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