Original ideas for decorating the wall behind the sofa

  • 2 January 2023

The sofa has taken on an increasingly important role in the living room and many interior designers start from this very furniture to design the entire environment. Consequently, the wall behind this protagonist of the living room becomes an important element to be enhanced in order to create the ideal background and characterise this area of the home dedicated to relaxation and chatting in company. The size of the room is not important; depending on the space available, original and impressive solutions can be realised. For example, if the room is small and you have opted for the sofa against the wall, the idea is to exploit the wall with space-saving or decorative solutions. There are countless possibilities, are you ready to discover them with us?

1. Decorative paintings

For art lovers looking for the right place to enhance paintings and prints, the wall behind the sofa is undoubtedly an ideal solution. The advice is to match the artwork and the frame by paying attention to the style of the house. Abstract art with a minimal frame goes well with a modern, contemporary home, while for a shabby chic home it is better to opt for a landscape image with a natural wood backing. Size is also important; a large painting can decorate the entire wall by itself. Otherwise, the advice is to create a composition of several images, taking care to match the frames and colours. Possible proposals, all beautiful and in different styles, include Vesuvius by Pintdecor (left - EUR 81.40), the Dune composition by Pintdecor (top right - EUR 133.20) and Klimt's Kiss by Pintdecor (bottom right - EUR 62.90).

2. Shelves and bookcases

Especially in small spaces, it is useful to utilise the wall above the sofa with space-saving solutions. If the sofa is leaning against the wall, there is no problem. In this case, simply opt for a suspended bookcase to be placed in the centre of the space. In this way, favourite books can be put on display, but also decorative elements such as vases and frames. For lovers of greenery, this is the right location for their favourite plants with which to create a natural wall. In larger rooms, an open bookcase can be arranged to display one's favourite objects. The secret is to arrange each piece carefully. Looking for original and trendy ideas for placing books? Try matching them according to colour or even showcasing the side with the pages by concealing the covers! Original ideas are the Planisfero Vintage bookcase by Pintdecor (left - EUR 296.00), the Abaco bookcase by Tonin Casa (top right - EUR 2,066.00), the Macramé wall bookcase by Emporium (bottom right - EUR 436.50).

3. Sideboards and consoles

A useful idea for those who have a spacious living room and are looking for storage that does not take up the whole wall is to arrange low sideboards and consoles. In this way you can place plates and glasses used only on occasions and all those objects that you do not want to keep in sight. Not only that, on the top it is ideal to place knick-knacks and special objects to enhance the wall. For every style there is an interesting proposal. If nature is the watchword, there are models in beautiful wood, such as the Licia sideboard by La Forma (left - €983.19). For a minimalist and contemporary style, there is metal and glass furniture of which excellent examples are the Trixie sideboard by La Forma (top left - 558.56 euro) and the Shantay sideboard by La Forma (540.91 euro).

4. Mirrors

We have already talked about the decorative effectiveness of mirrors. We couldn't miss proposing it on the wall behind the sofa! The play of light and room reflections allows the space to be amplified, making the living room seem larger. Its placement follows the criterion of paintings. One idea is to place a large mirror or the same one paired with a matching one and occupying the entire wall for a surprisingly elegant effect. Otherwise, several mirrors of different sizes and frames can be combined. In both cases, the frames that best suit the style of the house should be considered. In a contemporary and refined environment you can opt for important and worked metal frames; for a boho chic effect there are the gold metal sunburst models, and again wooden frames for country or shabby chic settings. Some examples are the Apotema mirror by Pintdecor (left - €296.00), the Costantia mirror by Tonin Casa (top right - €1,454.63) and the Circles mirror by Pintdecor (bottom right - €562.40).

5. Wall lights and lighting

To enhance a room, the first rule is to light it correctly. The right lighting creates an intimate and relaxing atmosphere around the sofa, making the furniture stand out. Ideally, it is best to opt for warm light and assess the correct light intensity. In fact, an intense white light risks creating a feeling of coldness and having a dazzling and annoying effect, unsuitable for this area. Another important point is the type of lamp. If you opt for pendant elements, it is better to consider an arrangement at the sides of the sofa; wall lights can be placed within the confines of the sofa or more centrally in the wall. An additional idea? For soft lighting and an original effect, simply add a light garland. The models in the pictures are the Litos lamp by Linea Nero (left, available in various models - €197.64), the Tao Plisse lamp by Adriani e Rossi (top right - €97.42) and the Admiral wall lamp by Ideal Lux (bottom right - €336.73).

There are many possibilities for decorating the wall behind the sofa. Another example is mixing elements to create creative and original compositions. Simply place one or two long, narrow shelves and arrange photos, pictures, decorative objects, favourite plants and designer vases. Any solution will help to enhance this space and impress your guests. Now all that remains is to decide how to enrich your wall!

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