Outdoor: how to illuminate open spaces and light up the summer

  • 18 February 2022

The days are getting longer and the desire to be outdoors grows!!
Making the most of the garden, terrace or balcony is the secret to fully enjoying the summer and multiplying the opportunities for conviviality and free time !
If the sun and the heat are the setting for leisure and relaxation during the day, at sunset all that remains is to illuminate the outdoor spaces to create enchanting settings and organize pleasant evenings with friends !
Proper lighting , well- finished aesthetics and the quality and resistance of the materials are the important characteristics for enriching outdoor environments and having impressive and long- lasting results.

Let's find out together what are the ways to illuminate the outdoors in an original and effective way and the spaces to which particular attention should be paid!

1. Entrance and driveways

Especially in this area, lights play an important orientation role because they signal the presence of gates and intercoms, as well as being effective route indicators when driving a car.
The advice is to focus on wall sconces and lamps with a height that is not excessively low , to facilitate their identification.
They are therefore clearly visible elements and it is important to take care of their aesthetics to add an elegant touch to the spaces and create suggestive settings !

Get inspired by the examples below:

Top from left to right: Floor spotlights: PULSAR Ideal Lux spotlight ; ARES Ondaluce spotlight ; Spotlight ETERE Ideal Lux ; Bottom left to right: Lamps and sconces: SHELL Ondaluce lamp ; Amelia PT1 198644 Ideal Lux outdoor wall light .

2. Borders

As with access, it is also important to pay attention to the border areas of one's home. The lighting in these parts fulfills an important safety function , and at the same time allows the creation of suggestive plays of light and shadow on the walls of the house and among the plants . During the day you can appreciate the modern and studied design of the lamps , as evening falls the lights scattered on the borders generate a suggestive atmosphere and provide greater control of these areas.

Here you can see some models with elegant shapes and suitable for outdoors:

From left to right: SIRIO Ideal Lux spotlight ; Spotlight VENUS Ideal Lux ; Top right: Torre PT1 Ideal Lux spotlight ; Bottom right: PALO Ondaluce spotlight .

3. Relaxation area

It is the real extension of the house towards the outside , and it is the part par excellence dedicated to relaxation and recreation alone or in company.
The uses can be multiple, just furnish the space appropriately according to tastes and needs.
For fascinating conversations under the stars , armchairs and chairs can be illuminated with floor lamps , preferably with a warm, enveloping light . By suspending the lamps from porches and branches , dinners immersed in an enchanted atmosphere can be organized.

Here are some products that might be right for you:

Top and bottom left: VEGA Ideal Lux spotlight ; MERCURY Ideal Lux spotlight ; Middle: BOLLEKE Fatboy lamp ; Right: Ideal Lux FIESTA lamp .

4. The poolside

Placing lamps on the edge of the pool is important for those who want to enjoy a safe night swim and those who like to spend evenings immersed in an exclusive environment .
The lights reflecting on the water create a relaxing and suggestive atmosphere . Opting for a refined design allows you to add a touch of elegance to this place and makes it ideal for spending inviting evenings in the open air. The advice is to carefully check the quality and characteristics of the products . As with everything that is mounted outdoors, especially near swimming pools, adequate degrees of resistance and protection against water should be present.

Below you will find products defined by a modern design and with guarantees of tightness:

Left: TESLA Ideal Lux spotlight ; Top right: BITTA Torremato spotlight ; Bottom right: GAS PT1 Ideal Lux spotlight .

5. Luminous objects to create an original effect

Luminous vases, benches and tables immerse you in a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. They are objects that combine functionality and particular design , which can also be appreciated during the day for their original shapes . In the evening, the effect of the luminous bodies resting on the ground creates a dreamlike environment , where you can stop and spend pleasant evenings in the moonlight. These elements fit perfectly into any outdoor space , and immediately strike the eye , creating relaxation and recreation areas with a strong personality .

Here are some wonderful examples:

Above from left to right: METEOR/L bench with Serralunga light ; Vase BOYO LIGHT Plust ; Bottom left to right: SOLE PT1 Ideal Lux lamp ; MILO table with Serralunga light ; Vase CUBALIBRE LIGHT Plust ;

Different types of lights placed in strategic points give life to diversified spaces and suggestive and varied settings . The advice is to identify the most scenographic elements and enhance them with appropriate lighting, avoiding a diffused light effect that flattens the environment. For example, lighting from under the treetops ensures a high-impact effect. Now all that remains is to get ready for magical evenings outdoors surrounded by magnificent luminous settings!

Any more ideas to light up your open spaces? Below you will find many useful and design articles!

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