Urban Jungle style: when chic and elegance are enriched with an exotic touch

  • 13 January 2023

The urban jungle style is one of the trends that is becoming increasingly popular in the world of interior design. The time spent indoors and the spread of smart working have led to a rediscovery of homes and at the same time inspired the need to re-establish contact with nature. In many homes, the lack of balconies, terraces or gardens has led to the search for alternative solutions to create settings in which to immerse oneself in regenerating moments of relaxation. It is no coincidence that the plant element is the protagonist of this trend that draws its inspiration from the need to find a respite from daily stress. Rooms take on a fresh and lively appearance by making room for plants of all kinds, from tropical and wild species to those requiring little care and attention. At the same time, simply scattering plants and flowers is not enough to achieve the effect one is looking for. Furniture is also an important element, but thanks to the strongly characterising presence of greenery, the furniture is enhanced for its functionality even more than for its design lines. This makes it very easy to transform one's home along the lines of this trend and allows one to create original mixes of different furnishing styles just by adding a few special accessories. If you don't know where to start, just scroll through the article and get inspired by the ideas proposed!

1. Carpets and poufs


Carpets and ottomans suggest the idea of comfort that is an important principle of this trend. An alternative solution to the classic living room is to use a soft rug with poufs and cushions instead of classic seating. In addition to achieving an effect full of charm, this choice certainly promotes a cosy feeling for pleasant moments of relaxation. Colours and materials are obviously important in a style reminiscent of nature. This is why neutral, light colours and natural fibres such as cotton, linen and rope are preferred. Shapes and textures can be the most diverse, from the soft lines of the Shore pouf by La Forma (top left - €62.29) and the Lok pouf by La Forma (top centre - €59.18), to the original lines of the Porta Tartaruga pouf by Qeeboo (top right - €399.00). Carpets also cater for the most diverse tastes, from the Bel rug by La Forma (bottom left - €179.61), to the Carpretty Petit rug by Fatboy (bottom centre - €157.21) and finally the Cosm rug by La Forma (bottom right - €71.64).


2. Screens


Beautiful to look at and to great effect, these elements are increasingly popular because they allow space to be divided up quickly and easily. A large living room can accommodate a part dedicated to relaxation and conviviality and an area in which to create a study station, essential when working from home. Another possibility is to create a separation between the entrance and the living area when the latter directly overlooks the living room. Their oriental flavour fits perfectly with this style. Plants can be placed at the base or hung high in the strongest models. Models in line with this style are the Krysia screen by La Forma (left - 287.59 euro), the Austy screen by La Forma (centre - 284.47 euro), and the Lalita screen by La Forma (right - 323.92 euro).


3. Chandeliers


Natural light is certainly an important component for this style, both for its vital function for plants and humans, and for providing good room brightness. At nightfall, lamps and wall lights are indispensable for illuminating rooms, but they can also be a characterising element of rooms. In line with this style, models in rope and wood can be found on the market for a natural appeal also on ceilings and walls. The exotic look of these objects goes well with the urban jungle style and gives a certainly original and fresh touch. Models that meet these characteristics include the DB005247 multi-light chandelier by Dialma Brown (top left - €245.10), the DB005252 rope chandelier by Dialma Brown (bottom left - €263.89), the Abun lamp by La Forma (centre - €394.52), the highly original Giraffa Innamorata wall lamp by Qeeboo (right - €1,900.00)


4. Coffee and console tables


To give movement to the room, it is possible to exploit different heights in which to place the greenery that will appear to be lush throughout the room. The models with which this style can be combined are especially those in wood with soft lines, but also the types with particular decorations that recall oriental and exotic styles. For an original touch there are wooden objects left in logs and branches and bamboo bundles. An extra idea? Now is the right time to put vintage and second-hand furniture on display without being afraid to mix the old and the new! The examples below are the Tinello Italiano storage unit by Covo (top left - EUR 1,932.48), the Lenon sideboard by La Forma (top centre - EUR 973.85), the Kyoto sideboard by La Forma (top right - EUR 591.79). Coffee tables play with shapes and decorative motifs, such as the Olos metal and teak coffee table by La Forma (EUR 296.93), the Druf coffee table by La Forma (bottom centre - EUR 110.05), the Adaline coffee table by La Forma (bottom right - EUR 86.17).

5. Vases


In a style in which plants are the main protagonists, attention cannot fail to be paid to pots. These elements can also be used on their own, to spread a unique atmosphere with an ethnic flavour! The sizes can be the most diverse, from large ones for placing on the floor, to smaller ones for placing on top of furniture and tables. If you are looking for an original effect, try hanging vases with jute ropes and natural fabrics. Models of great charm and beauty are the Sally vase by Adriani & Rossi (left - €266.99), the Vela vase by Adriani & Rossi (top centre - €101.02), the Tromba vase by Adriani & Rossi (bottom centre - €187.62) and the Nice vase by Adriani & Rossi (right - €75.77).


6. Libraries


Bookcases become an important container for placing favourite plants and objects in plain view. In keeping with this trend, open models are favoured which give the room a sense of space and lightness and create a relaxing, soft atmosphere. In addition to wood, iron models with an industrial flavour are also perfectly suited to this style. Some splendid examples are the Kato N bookcase by Itamoby (left - EUR 389.00), the Belamo bookcase by La Forma (top right - EUR 363.38), the Norfort bookcase by La Forma (bottom right - EUR 694.57).


7. Exotic decorations


Prints and decorations with African and plant fantasies can be used to enhance the jungle effect. Cushions and accessories with images of tropical flowers and leaves are ideal for easily renovating the home and bringing an original and exotic atmosphere. The plant element also lends itself well to decorating the surface of furniture and mirrors and is suitable for those looking for a refined and natural appeal in their furniture. Very beautiful patterns are to be found in the Framed Leaves painting by Pintdecor (top right - EUR 92.50), the Leaves in Time Sense clock by Pintdecor (bottom right - EUR 96.20), the Mirror Leaves mirror by Pintdecor (centre - EUR 466.20), the Leaf board by Pintdecor (top right - EUR 44.40), the Leaf board by Pintdecor (bottom right - EUR 42.92).

At last you can transform your home into a cosy and healthy environment. In the midst of exotic objects and atmospheres, there is ample space to bring back travel souvenirs and handmade objects. Ample emphasis is also placed on the theme of recycling and reuse, where vintage furniture and accessories come back to life and enrich the rooms. To embrace nature and create a relaxing place there are countless solutions, and you can create a cheerful and elegant mix with your favourite plants!

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