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Dialma Brown: Shabby Chic for a timeless style

The un umistakable style Dialma Brown: a journey through ancient and modern, a continuous parallel between vintage and contemporary.

A style that often tends to "Shabby Chic", a style that seems a bit 'left to itself, almost overlooked but that looks awesome.

The beige, the ivory, the light grey and white are the dominant color for this deep journey in the south of France. The cold of the metal and the warm of the wood are perfectly blended creating a clean and distinctive style.

The Dialma Brown products are brought together by a warm and hospitable spirit, at the same time sophisticated and without excesses.

An unmistakable and timeless style that adapts to any environment and situation for those seeking elegance, romance and definitely high quality, thanks to the functional finishes and the necessary amenities.

Dialma Brown aims, without doubts, to a careful and refined market, where quality plays a key role, regardless of the price. This is why it's often possible to find relevant prices of the Dialma Brown's line that are motivated by the marvellous mix of styles that like country, vintage, industrial and shabby chic.

Shabby Chic is without doubts one of the trendiest styles in the furniture market. A really interesting style that is loved by quite anybody.

People like to play enthusiatically with the particular and intriguing Shabby Chic style in every corner of their house with different colours (even if the most common is still the white one): beige, ivory, light gray, and white.





UMBRELLA STAND: how to choose and pair them

Mission: choose an umbrella stand. The rainy season has begun and it's time to equip ourselves for bad weather and even our house must be ready to host the wet umbrellas.

For years the umbrella has been one of the most essential objects nonetheless a fashion accessory. Besides the utility it comes necessary to also give fullfilment for the eyes.
The umbrella is a sort of accessory that completes the look of it's holder.

From that point of view also the umbrella stands in the entrance hall of the house must have their own coordinated look by becoming one of the most useful and decorative  furnishings of your house. Useful, always needed; you just need to choose to decorate with the attention to design.

Nowadays they can be found in several different shapes and kinds. They can be classic, minimal, metal, ultra colored, young  style; Practically the perfect solution to be added to the best fitting style of your house.
It's therefore important to choose the best model that is fits aesthetically and that, at the same time is practical, expecially when you need to clean it while the rainwater ends on the bottom.

Coloured Umbrella Stand

portaombrelli colorato Narciso Tonin CasaTo counter the gray autumn sky, typical of the humid and rainy days, you can opt for an umbrella stand that gives color and energy. There are many different versions, particularly suited to interior spaces.

The umbrella stand Narciso by Tonin Casa follows the sinuous shapes of a flower's corolla able to contain, within its folds, the umbrellas which will enchance the composition.
The material used is curved metal.

Narciso was born for those in search of refinement in the forms even in the simplest objects of daily use.



Unconvetional lines for original umbrella stands

Portaombrelli originali modello PusherFor those that are not happy with the usual umbrella stands and are in need to find of something that goes beyond only the choice of the colors but are also paying attention to the lines of the object we have some ad hoc proposals designed just for you to impress and break with the conventions.

The umbrella stand Pusher is a delight for the eyes: essential, but at the same time original. It has the appearance of a well-tended lawn and fantastic, especially in the green coloured version.

Among its blades of grass it can contain up to eight umbrellas and is also equipped with a practical rainwater tray.

The umbrellas can be positioned in vertical and can stand tall, as fixed in the terrain.



portaombrelli originale oscar


Another original product is Oscar! An object that combines two functions: umbrella stand and pocket emptier.

As explained by the designer himslef, Oscar gives the sensation to be, each time, welcome at home from somebody that collects and puts in place all the objects that are a termporary burden.

As last proposal we show you a sustainable object designed as  a provocation and a reflection on the daily water waste.

portaombrelli ecologico

Indeed, in Giappone has been designed an umbrella stand that recycles the rainwater.

Once the umbrella is inside the stand, the water that arrives in the bottom will be used to for an ornamental plant: a a carpet of moss.

Who knows that the idea may not really be developed and marketed.



Now that you have the guidelines to choose your umbrella stand, which one do you choose?





COAT HANGER: how to choose


              A line between earth and sky, an escape route, the harmonious yin-yang balance, even the memory of a crossing and getting to a safe harbor. Spontaneous symbols and references to an almost ready-made object shaped on aesthetic design. A rope hanging on where you can hang anything. Perfect in the hall, in the bathroom, in the children's room, bedroom, study or even in a restaurant or in a bar.

A ceiling or wall hanger in pleated nautical rope on which to hang the hanging. Available with six hanger and accessories.
Rope Length cm 350, diameter of cm 6. Finiture: nautical rope white or black lacquered metal graphite, chrome, black nickel metal and 24k gold.







Decorate with the paintings: how to choose and combine them


Buying and organizing home is sometimes easier than completing it in every detail, unless you choose to use the paintings as a practical solution for a considerable impact. The paintings, in fact, should not be considered as filling of empty spaces but must be viewed as true design elements that can tell a lot about us and our personality. For this reason, before buying it is necessary to take into account a series of measures.

The context

The first aspect to consider when choosing the paintings is the context in which they will be hung. Just look around, perhaps trying to pay attention to the most obvious details in the composition of a room, and make sure that every choice is to align two main components: the furniture color and the type of light. Avoid mixing and glares that can be unpleasant and boring in the long run. It's better to avoid strong classical paintings with gold and silver frames in rooms furnished with a modern style and a predominant tech detail.

The colours

If your goal is to create a sober and characterized better to opt for neutral or soft colors, while for the most vibrant and lively solutions you are free to choose fancy colors. The minimal style, which often resorts to white, is enhanced by varied and bright colors that give light, liveliness and tone to the spaces. But where to dominate is the color (sometimes even more than one) is always better to rely on monochrome products without too many fantasies. For everything else leave use your imagination and follow your taste so that your choices are reflecting what is giving you the best feelings.

The dimensions

Another rather important topic in choosing a framework is relative to the sizes. For this aspect the elements to consider are preponderant symmetry and size of the wall. large pictures are indicated in buildings with high ceilings, while for smaller and lower walls it's better to opt for smaller solutions (perhaps thinking about pairs or triptychs coordinated between them).

The style

The last aspect to consider for the selection of the paintings is their style. Authors Paintings and antique prints are ideal in classic or country style while in the modern style it's better to have prints, themed posters and works with a strong contemporary appeal as Pintdecor paintings. Parentheses deserve ethnic products, such as paintings by African and Arab countries, which often can find a place beyond the style of the environment.

Now that you have the guidelines for your paintings what is your preferred choice?



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