Our Selling Conditions

Read carefully before buying.

CONTRACT RULES. These general terms, except for changes or exceptions arranged by seller and buyer, rule every contract between TECNO ARREDO 3 SRL located in Cesenatico Via Cantalupo 4/2 (from now on also named Supplier Company or Seller Company) and customers.

SUBJECT. These general terms rule TECNO ARREDO 3 products (from now on also named Products) trading contracts, pledged between TECNO ARREDO 3 and customers. Products marketed from the Supplier Company are mainly furniture objects, costume jewelry, art reproductions (paintings, sculptures, sculture, stampe d’autore). 

GENERAL SELLING TERMS' ACCEPTANCE. Customer, by an e-mail confirmation of its order, unconditionally accepts to observe in its relations with TECNO ARREDO 3 the general and payment conditions shown below, declaring its acceptance of every indication on this agreement and the general selling conditions. Accepting also that TECNO ARREDO 3 is not bind to any different condition unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing.

USE OF PRODUCTS. The products subject to the this agreeement are expressly authorized art reproductions (non original) prints, costume jewelry, ornaments, handcrafted furnishings. Any lack of homogeneity of the material are a characteristic of small scale productions and they are not imperfections related to an industrial production. 

ORDERS. Orders are made on-line, by goods selection. Contract is formalized when the TECNO ARREDO 3 SRL confirms the order related to the chosen products. 

PRICES. Prices on the TECNO ARREDO 3 SRL catalog include fees and represent the value that will be paid by the customer excluding delivery costs. The prices are as shown on the on-line catalog. 

WARRANTY. Goods warranty is shown on product's page, and complies with the most recent international terms and regulations. Claims should be reported by a registered mail to TECNO ARREDO 3 SRL - via Cantalupo 4/2, 47042 Cesenatico (FC).

PAYMENTS. Payments must be made exclusively by credit card, prepaid bank transfer or any other payments forms allowed the online website. The Cash on Delivery payment is available only by prepaying 50% of the order and the remaining 50% with (exclusively) cash on delivery. There's an extra fee for the cash on delivery service specified during the checkout. The goods will be shipped only after the payments confirmation.  TECNO ARREDO 3 SRL is not responsible for any fraudulent or illicit use of credit cards by third parties. TECNO ARREDO 3 SRL can't know Customer credit card's number in any selling procedure phase that is managed by external (reliable) payment gateways.

DISRUPTIONS. TECNO ARREDO 3 SRL  isn't responsible for disruptions due to force majeure as accidents, explosions, blazes, strikes, earthquakes, floods, and other similar occurrences that can prevent the selling agreement execution in time. The Selling Company isn't responsible, with any part involved, of any damage and cost due to selling failures related to the above mentioned causes.

RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL. If buying contract isn't stipulated in the commercial space, the selling is subject to n.85/577 CEE directive, that considers customer's (end consumer) right of withdrawal. Online purchases by the end consumer, except those made by authorized resellers and companies, are also subject to the directive. to exercise the right of withdrawal, as also specified in the (Italian) "Consumers' Code" (and related modifications Dlgs 210214 n 21) and the European Consumer Rights Directive, the custoomer can withdraw from the contract within 14 days after goods delivery via certified email, registered mail, telegram, by specifying: name, surname, address, telephone number, copy of the proof of purchase and order id. The product, that must be in perfect state and with all the parts, must be carefully packed with the original packaging, as when received. We highly recommend to not remove seals from the products othewise the returns could not be accepted if the goods are not in the same conditions as received. Before sending the package wait for the approval of the return by sending an email to info@tecnoarredo3.co.uk .
The return must be sent within 14 working days from the arrival of the goods (as stated in the delivery documents). The delivery costs are up to the end consumer. Within 30 days from the arrival of the returned goods TECNO ARREDO 3 SRL will refund the buyer, excluding the extra costs (ex. shipping costs and Cash on Delivery fees). 

PRIVACY According to the current privacy related regulations, the end user declares to know and accept that its own data will be added in the "TECNO ARREDO 3 SRL's database" and they can be used for promotional, marketing, commercial, statistical purposes, including the possibility to use them to send promotional/marketing communications. The end user authorizes TECNO ARREDO 3 to communicate or share the data to databases of third party companies for the same purposes. Customer benefits, for free, of the rights granted by the current European regulation (for example, the right to ask updates, corrections, integration or deletion of its own data).

SHIPPING. The shipping of the purchased products, when applicable, can be free for the italian territory otherwise check the shipping costs. At the arrival of the goods check immediately possible damages or losses by writing them on the documentation of the carrier and immediately send an email to TECNO ARREDO 3 SRL. We recommend to always sign the delivery note as "GOODS ACCEPTED WITH RESERVE", to be able to use the warranty and receive the free replacement of damaged goods. Inform us about eventual anomalies EXCLUSIVELY WITHIN 14 WORKING DAYS otherwise it wouldn't be possible to be entitled for a refund. 
Hold goods and packaging available for further inspection.

CONTROVERSIES. In case of controversies both sides can appeal to the judicial offices in charge in the territory of Forlì/Cesena (Italy).

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